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Right now sustainable Agriculture is booming in Ukraine. According to the National Economic Strategy it will rise 3 times more for the next 10 years. European Green Deal is coming and if agricultural businesses want to be profitable in future they need to replace operations to more sustainable ones.

We offer to replace or supplement current fertilization tools with our products that are based on Nostock cyanobacteria. They can make positive effect on agriculture in aspect of sustainability and profitability with a positive impact on environment. Algae growing process consumes a lot of CO2 so we can be carbon negative. Which is a massive step to a sustainable agricultural tech.

According to the latest Future Market Insights study demand for Microalgae in Fertilizer Sector will Rise at 8.7%.

Our main customers are greenhouses. We have already produced test batches of products and tested them on our pilot fields. We are working on a new tech that will cut the price at least by 2 and plan start making revenue revenue in Q2-2022. 

Right now we are seeking for funds to create a production of microalgae using current level of technology. The secondary focus if research and development of optimised ways of growing using our experience. And we are searching for market and sales person from industry to make our product visible on market.

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